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Vishwa Foundation is an organization steeped in a 170-year-old legacy, continuing the divine work of the Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj lineage from Akkalkot, India. Based on the 5-Fold Path teachings of Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj, Guru Mandir’s Gurupeethadish, Vishwa is based in the tranquil surroundings of Shivpuri Agnihotra Ashram, Akkalkot, a town in Southern Maharashtra, India.

“Vishwa” means “World” in Sanskrit. We aim to usher positive and sustainable changes in our world, blending timeless Vedic wisdom with modern scientific knowledge.

Vishwa Foundation is a multifaceted organization with a vision of “Resetting Human Lives and Rebuilding the Planet.” We are engaged in spiritual, social, medical, cultural and environmental upliftment initiatives. Vishwa is committed to cultivating individuals who are spiritually awakened, environmentally aware and driven to create social change for a better tomorrow.

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The 5-Fold Path:
The Journey Within

Yagya | Daan | Tapa | Karma | Swadhyaya

Embrace the guiding light of Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj to navigate the depths of your being and develop a life of balance, purpose, and happiness. Embark on a transformative journey through the 5-Fold Path, a spiritual navigation system that guides seekers to heal generational pain, channel spiritual energy, and resolve inner conflict.

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Implementation of Agnihotra

Explore Vishwa Foundation’s endeavors, where purpose meets action. Our key initiatives embody the spirit of positive change, bringing spirituality and holistic wellness to individuals and communities worldwide.

Vishwa Agnihotra Schools

Under Vishwa Schools, we advocate a holistic approach to learning and nurturing that is based on the 5-Fold Path, which fosters not just intellectual growth but also spiritual development for the global citizens of tomorrow. Here, education transcends traditional boundaries, and through the timeless practices of Agnihotra, various Yajnyas and Homas we are shaping our young minds to be knowledgeable, spiritually grounded and socially connected.

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Agnihotra Farming & Gaushalas

We're transforming agriculture by shifting from chemical-based methods to a more natural and sustainable Agnihotra-based farming technique on over 3,000 acres of Agnihotra Farms. Simultaneously, we offer a sanctuary for over 500 sick, abandoned, and injured indigenous cows, providing them with medical care, shelter, and love.

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Vishwa Agnihotra Wellness

Vishwa’s Agnihotra Wellness system is centered around the principles offered in the 5-Fold Path, which is a unique holistic health and wellness system. "Swasthya," meaning to live disease and pain-free, with self-healing, is our innovative approach to healthcare. It focuses on five principles for transforming both the body and mind, ideal for those aiming to enhance their health and fitness goals.

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Resources For Your Personal Growth

Spreading Knowledge Through Vishwa’s Media Library

Puja Programs For Spiritual Well-being


Offer pujas and prayer services at the holy sites of Guru Mandir and Shivpuri

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Offer homas and Yajnya services at the holy sites of Guru Mandir and Shivpuri

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Paduka Pujan

Invite the Divine Padukas, a symbol of light and love, into your home to seek blessings

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Project Million Smiles: Serving Humanity With Compassion

We are looking to light up a million smiles on faces across the world over the next five years. Project Million Smiles will create abundance, happiness and fulfillment for those in need through our on-ground social work. Not just people, but we care about our Planet too, and all the lives that coexist with us.

10,000+ Children Provided Access to Quality Education

Vishwa Education

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500+ Indian Desi Cows
Cared For

Vishwa Gaushalas

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1,200,000+ Trees Planted

Supporting Nature

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Countless Meals Served Over 170+ Years

Vishwa Annadaan

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